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Berber ("Ohrenform") Chinrest, Tall & Fractional Sizes


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Ebony Berber Chin Rest: Other Sizes

 Curbside pickup is now an option at both north and south locations.  After choosing your pickup location and completing your purchase, be sure and follow the instructions to schedule a curbside pickup time.  

The Berber, or Ohrenform (German for "ear-shaped") chin rest mounts over the tailpiece, providing a large landing area for the chin, but reaching left under the jaw for more security than full-center chin rests.  

  • Available in ebony only.
  • Available for violin only. (tall sizes may be adapted to fit viola).  
  • Fractional sizes: 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 (all fractional chin rests are standard height).  
  • Tall (+ 10 mm): With a plate thickness of 30mm, these are about 6mm taller than standard Ohrenform rests.
  • Extra Tall (+ 20 mm): With a plate thickness of 40mm, these are about 16mm taller than standard Ohrenform rests.
  • Extra Extra Tall (+30 mm): With a plate thickness of 50mm, these are about 26mm taller than standard Ohrenform rests.



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