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Blackerby’s 100% Trade-In Policy

Blackerby is proud to offer its customers 100% trade-in on instruments and bow purchased from us. This policy lasts for life and can be utilized at any time. Please see below for the details of this policy:

  • Items may only be traded in for items of the same type. A violin may only be traded for a violin, a cello for a cello, a viola bow for a viola bow, etc.

  • Items may only be traded for items of equal or greater value. 


  • All instruments are subject to restocking fees in order to return the instrument to selling condition. These fees cover the cost of new strings and any repairs needed.


  • All bows are subject to a rehairing fee that is considered part of our restocking fee:

    • Violin and Viola Rehair: $65

    • Cello Rehair: $75

    • Bass rehair: $85

  • In addition to a rehairing fee, bows may be subject to other repair fees.


Instruments sold under consignment agreements are eligible for partial trade in based on the original agreement. If you are purchasing a consignment instrument, your trade in value should be discussed at the time of sale.




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